A powerful, personalised combination of therapies to help address phobias, mindset blocks, unwanted habits and fears.

Release To Thrive – Your personalised blended transformative therapy process

Be it to resolve a deep fear or phobia, a habit such as comfort or emotional eating, releasing intrusive thoughts, anxiety, self-doubt or imposter syndrome, low self-esteem, OCD, lack of confidence and so on, lasting behavioural change must take place at a subconscious level. Making changes at a surface, conscious level will only take you so far.

That nagging voice constantly chanting in your head those limiting beliefs you’ve repeatedly told yourself about what’s possible for you, telling you you’re bound to fail, will rise up and thwart your progress. And that just serves to reinforce once more those limiting beliefs.

You must first address the underlying cause so you can nurture the new behaviour in a healthy environment.


We come into the world as absolutely fine, before life’s negative experiences became layered on top. And so we don’t need to replace a behaviour or habit with something else, we just need to reset to the point before the unwelcome behaviour was acquired.

Using a powerful, personalised combination of therapies including hypnotherapy, coaching and neuro-linguistic programming, my transformative therapy facilitates and supports you, providing a nurturing environment for change to occur.

Many clients have achieved successful outcomes enabling them to make the changes they desired. I provide you with my expertise, aligned to your specific needs, and draw on my wealth of experience, tools and techniques to give you the best chance of achieving your own success. Because ultimately you are the only one who can make changes. And I believe it is within each of us to be able to do so when shown the way.

I’m a Member of the National Council of Integrative Psychotherapists so you can be assured of my credentials.

Perhaps it’s your time to Release To Thrive.

Find out more below how I can help you.

(And if you’re interested in hypnosis for relaxation, see below for my And Breathe session.)


How I help you

My Release To Thrive transformative therapy process takes place ideally over a 4 week period. Sessions last up to an hour.

Here’s a sample of how your sessions may be structured, dependent upon your particular needs.

Session 1:

During our initial chat before you sign up for therapy, we’ll have briefly explored how what you’d like help with.

In Session 1 we take a deeper look at this so I can explore your motivation for change and personalise elements of the process for you for maximum benefit.

You’ll learn how NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) is key to the process (don’t worry – it might sound like mind control but it isn’t!) and gain an understanding of hypnosis used for therapeutic effect. Be assured that in the hypnotherapy phase of the process you will remain in control, just deeply relaxed and open to helpful hypnotic suggestion.

In the final part of the session I’ll guide you into a state of hypnosis so you can experience this deeply relaxed state and we can begin to work on the issue at hand. You will enjoy its calming effect as a precursor to your next session where we will work, without hypnosis, on making significant shifts in how you ‘store’ past unhelpful experiences to begin to release them.

Session 2:

I use some specific and powerful NLP techniques to help address blocks and fears. I may select 1-3 of these as appropriate to your needs. NLP deals with changing your experience of what’s blocking you, that is, how you internally create and store your emotional response to it. This will have been explained in detail in Session 1. Your second session will make changes to these internal representations so you are less likely to be able to respond in the same unhelpful way.

I will then prepare for you a personalised approach for the hypnotherapy session to follow. I will have acquired a wealth of information in the first 2 sessions to enable me to tap into the best approach for delivering powerful messages to your subconscious to support the changes you wish to experience. This personalised approach amplifies the impact of the hypnotic suggestions made as you are deeply relaxed.

Session 3:

In the first part of this session I will create a comfortable, relaxed environment, guiding you into a trance state. You’ll remain in control but deeply relaxed, ready to receive the messages I’ve prepared for your specific situation. I will also deliver messages that will be accessed by your subconscious long after the session has ended, designed to reinforce and build on the positive action you’ll be taking.

As your therapist I will open up space for powerful suggestions to your subconscious to help it find the solution to the issue at hand, to break through the unhelpful behaviour patterns you’ve been experiencing.

Package price, including my time between sessions to prepare your personalised approach: £245

Additional single sessions can be purchased on completion of this process, if desired.


And Breathe ….. hypnosis for relaxation session.

Imagine some time just for you. Time for blissful relaxation in a beautiful and tranquil canal-side location in Lymm, Cheshire, or online.

This hypnosis session, without therapy, is for you if you want to

  • let go of the day’s stresses
  • release brain-clutter and tension
  • feel deeply relaxed and calmed.


You’re a busy parent, juggling daily demands

An executive who finds it hard to switch off

Someone who values your mental wellbeing and appreciates the benefits of self-care

Or you’re intrigued by the notion of hypnosis and are want a taster before pursuing it for therapeutic purposes


I’ll guide you gently into a state of hypnosis and through a relaxing journey to soothe your busy mind.


And breathe ….


Session price (up to 1 hour duration):  £55 (online £45)



What is a phobia? 

A phobia is a type of anxiety disorder, characterised by an excessive fear of an object or situation. If you have a phobia perhaps you’re conscious of organising your life around the source of it and this may be restricting your activities.

Certainly a phobia is distressing but the fact is that it is your internal representation of the thing that is the cause of your fear, rather the thing itself. Phobias develop when an exaggerated sense of danger arises which is out of proportion to the inherent danger it presents. Of course a ‘healthy’ degree of fear is appropriate in many situations but it is an excessive response that results in a phobia.

Common phobias include: flying, spiders, wasps/bees, enclosed spaces, social phobia, fear of delivering a speech, dentists, doctors, rodents, snakes, injections/needles, heights, lifts, emetophobia (fear of vomiting).

Many people believe that a ‘lifelong’ phobia cannot be resolved because it has been present for a long time: this simply isn’t true. The phobia was likely acquired very rapidly and it can be possible to improve or resolve it just as rapidly using hypnotherapy and NLP – neuro-linguistic programming; this deals with changing your experience of the phobia, that is, how you internally create your response to the cause of your anxiety.

And it is powerful.

If you have a phobia that is holding you back or making your life difficult please call me to discuss how I can help you.

PLEASE NOTE: Results vary from individual to individual, therefore I cannot give any warranty or guarantee that issues presented by you can or will be resolved.



How we can work together

In-person sessions at Cheshire Wellness Centre, Lymm, and online wherever you are.

Get in touch on 07779 469 290 for an initial no-obligation chat or email me at info@debrathorpecoaching.com