If you have a phobia it’s likely it’s having a limiting impact on your life, whether on a daily basis or from time to time. But you CAN get rid of it, and quickly. Is it time for you to make the change and start living your life without the restriction your phobia brings with it?

Phobia Treatment in Altrincham

What is a phobia?
A phobia is a type of anxiety disorder, characterised by an excessive fear of an object or situation. If you have a phobia perhaps you’re conscious of organising your life around the source of it and this may be restricting your activities.

Certainly a phobia is distressing but the fact is that it is your internal representation of the thing that is the cause of your fear, rather the thing itself. Phobias develop when an exaggerated sense of danger arises which is out of proportion to the inherent danger it presents. Of course a ‘healthy’ degree of fear is appropriate in many situations but it is an excessive response that results in a phobia.

How is a phobia acquired?
It is believed we are born with only two fears; of falling and of loud noises. Other fears are either the result of a specific incident, or are a learned behaviour such as through the observation of someone close to you responding to the trigger in a negative and fearful way.

Common phobias include: flying, spiders, wasps/bees, enclosed spaces, social phobia, fear of delivering a speech, dentists, doctors, rodents, snakes, injections/needles, heights.

How I can help you?
Some people believe that a ‘lifelong’ phobia cannot be removed because it has been present for a long time: this isn’t true. The phobia was likely acquired very rapidly and it is possible to remove it just as rapidly using NLP – neuro linguistic programming; a technique that deals with a person’s experience of the phobia, that is, how they internally create their response to the thing.

If you have a phobia that is holding you back or making your life difficult please call me to discuss how I can help you in as little as 1 session.

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How we can work together

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