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This time of year can be difficult if you’re on your own and don’t want to be.

You’re fed up of answering that tired old question from family, “Still not seeing anyone yet?”

You’ve come through Christmas on your own without a partner and had that familiar sinking feeling whenever you received an invitation to a party. You just kept thinking everyone else would be there as half of a couple and it felt miserable.

And even if you decided to go you had that awful feeling at the prospect of returning home alone, when all you wanted was someone to cuddle up to, to care for and to care for you. Someone to choose a special Christmas present for.

Investing in a new party dress or sassy heels may have given you a transient buzz but how was it when you put them on for that Christmas party and there was no-one special in your life to tell you that you looked fabulous and sexy?

Suddenly it didn’t feel quite the same?

And now a new year has begun and you can’t see how it will end any better for you. You can’t see any prospect of finding love any time soon.

You want the warm, fuzzy feeling you get from receiving a text from your partner, for no particular reason.

You want the comfort of having someone special to back you up, support you, listen without judgment to your fears, cheering you on and applauding your successes. To have a partner who feels proud of you.

I get it.

I help accomplished midlife women find love without stress or wasting time. And I can help you.

I’m offering a fabulous opportunity of a special launch price to 3 midlife women as I launch my new 3 month dating programme, Powerful Love Coaching.

Whilst I’d love to be able to offer it to everyone who I know will be interested, this opportunity has to be on a 1st come, 1st served basis.

If you’re ready to experience love in 2020 I am offering free coaching discovery calls to give you a taste of what the programme entails and what results you can expect to gain. I can only offer this free discovery call to 10 people so make sure you respond quickly to claim one of these 10 freebies and let’s get to know each other.

You deserve to be happy and in love.


BONUS 1 – You’ll receive a copy of Michelle Obama’s “Becoming: A Guided Journal for Discovering Your Voice”. This journal is a companion to her best-selling memoir and includes over 150 inspiring questions and quotations to help you reflect on your history, your goals, challenges and hopes.

BONUS 2 – You’ll also receive a beautiful Swarovski crystalline, gold-plated pen retailing at £35 that will make writing in your journal a pleasure.

AND for ANYONE who signs up to this programme you’ll gain access to an exclusive 15% discount on membership at Select Personal Introductions, a highly respected and long-established introduction agency across the North West of England.

So don’t miss out! Email me LOVE to info@debrathorpecoaching.com and let’s get your call booked in.


And if this isn’t something you personally need right now but there’s someone you know who you think it would help, please feel free to share it.

And to thank you, when someone you personally refer signs up as one of the first 3 women on this programme, on receipt of full payment from them you’ll receive £75 from me as a thank you! So in helping them you’ll also be helping yourself!

Don’t worry, I’ll check with anyone who calls me where they heard about my new programme so you won’t miss out.

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