Whatever your relationship history, however you got here, you’re currently single. Perhaps you’ve been happy with that until now but have begun to think about taking positive steps to find a special relationship or perhaps you’ve been unhappy being single for some time but don’t know what to do to change your situation.

Dating Coaching in Altrincham

Maybe your personal circumstances mean you’re single for the first time in a long time after many years in a committed relationship, and the dating scene seems alien, confusing, even scary, and you lack dating confidence.

Or you’re single and simply haven’t met that special person … yet.

You have friends but, either because they aren’t single themselves or simply don’t want to join you at events where you might meet someone new, you don’t know how to get yourself ‘out there’.

Or maybe you’re dating already but still not meeting the right person for you.

You feel time is passing by and nothing is changing.

You’re feeling demoralised.

Frustrating, isn’t it?

Well it needn’t be like that.

My Powerful Love Coaching programme is designed to help you maximise your opportunities and potential by helping you to:

Explore who you are and be clear about what you value in a relationship

Build self-confidence and challenge self-limiting beliefs

Know and optimise your personal ‘brand’ to present your best self in the dating field (and I don’t just mean how you present yourself physically!)

Create rapport quickly when meeting potential partners

Identify who he/she is – if you don’t know what you’re looking for, how will you know when you find them?

Identify your deal breakers

Learn tools to go into social situations alone and feel comfortable

Identify where to find potential partners

Build resilience and identify the positives in any ‘failed’ dates

Enjoy being single whilst you build your networks

I will bring to our coaching relationship my experience to help you discover how you can do things differently by beginning to make small changes, then building on them.  I’ll challenge you, I’ll cheer you on and help you create an action plan to get you moving in the right direction. You will bring your openness to try new things.

Does that feel a bit scary? Will that take you out of your comfort zone? I hope so, because outside of your comfort zone is where life begins and the magic happens.

I can help you find love through the support detailed below.

Call me on 07779 469 290 for an initial no-obligation chat or email me at info@debrathorpecoaching.com

“I’m very hard on myself … but with your kind words you have made me look at my achievements rather than the failures, so thank you for that! In the last session we discussed many ways in which to enrich my life and I have already started to look into a few of these, so watch this space! Thank you so much, Debra.”


Would you like to find love soon?

You’re fed up of answering that tired old question from family, “Still not seeing anyone yet?

Everyone around you seems to be planning the future with their partner and you get a sinking feeling every time you receive an invitation to a party. You can’t help thinking everyone else will be there as half of a couple and it feels miserable. And even if you go, you dread the thought of returning home alone, when all you want is someone to cuddle up to, to care for and to care for you. 

You want the warm, fuzzy feeling you get from receiving a text from your partner, for no particular reason. You want the comfort of having someone special to back you up, support you, listen without judgment to your fears, cheering you on and applauding your successes. To have a partner who feels proud of you.

You’ve maybe been on a date, full of expectation, but he turns out to be another unsuitable match, you’re poles apart on so many values and desires that you can hardly contain your frustration.

Surely there’s someone out there who’s just right for you – but where the heck is he hiding?

The dream seems distant – you want someone to share life’s exciting experiences with. To make plans with. But also someone to do the ordinary stuff with, someone special to chat with you about your day.

Someone just to ‘be’ with.

Someone to love who loves you.

I hear you.

And it’s tough for you right now.

I help accomplished midlife women find love without stress or wasting time. And I can help you.

I’m an experienced and accredited coach and I’m also the dating coach appointed to work with clients of Select Personal Introductions, a highly respected and long-standing introduction agency in the North West. My transformative 3 month dating coaching programme, Powerful Love Coaching, is for women like you who want to find love and don’t want to waste any more time.

Let’s get together on a call so you can get to know me and I can get to know you. You deserve to be happy and in love.


Want help with your online dating profile?

Putting together an engaging and effective online profile can be daunting. Do you find yourself wondering what the Dos and Don’ts are?  Maybe you’ve laboured endlessly over a suitable Username or Headline before you even get into the detail and aren’t confident that the end result will attract a suitable partner – emphasis on suitable.

I offer a 90 minute coaching session where we will:

Review your existing profile, if you have one, and see how this might be turning suitable prospective partners away from you

Focus on putting together an intriguing profile that showcases you, reflects your interests and values, and signals what you are looking for without screaming desperation or pickiness

Identify the type of photographs that will reflect your personality and mark your profile out as one to draw attention

What’s included:

A 90 minute coaching session via Skype

A pre-session questionnaire to get your session off to a flying start

Post-session feedback on your revised profile

I offer a free discovery session for us to chat about your current situation and for us to see if I am the coach for you.

How we can work together

I can schedule sessions face-to-face with you at my coaching practice in Hale, Wilmslow and Manchester City Centre or via Skype. Skype enables me to work with my clients outside the immediate locality and overseas. Call me on 07779 469 290 for an initial no-obligation chat.