Some fears are justified of course – I wouldn’t advocate throwing yourself off a high bridge without a secure bungee line, for example. Or putting your arm in a hungry and grumpy tiger’s mouth. Context is key! But what about those fears that hold you back, that keep you safe but static? Are you afraid to make that work presentation? To go to a party alone? To change career? To get back to dating after divorce? It can feel like standing in front of a door that you know could lead to exciting new opportunities but somehow the thought of taking that first step leaves you paralysed with fear, full of ‘but what ifs’ – and none of those ‘what ifs’ are of the positive variety!

Dream it
Allow yourself to think for a moment what overcoming that fear would mean. Let your mind create a vivid image of your life without it. Make it so compelling that it draws you inevitably towards it. Maybe doing something you fear every day is a bit of a push, but I challenge you to decide to do one thing that scares you this week.

Make a plan and commit to it
And do you know that if you share your goals with others and if you write them down you’re more likely to achieve them? Choose one of your goals, decide what step, however small, you can take today to move you closer to it. Is it a phone call to someone you’ve never met but who might be able to help you? A piece of research that’s the first step towards a new career? Starting to write an online dating profile? Finding a new activity group that you’ll go to alone? Write a plan comprising a series of steps, each of them time-bound, and commit to it. Tell someone close to you your intentions and ask them to make you accountable.

Get clear on the steps
Not sure what step comes first? Turn it on its head and start at the end. Close your eyes and immerse yourself in the experience of having achieved your goal: what can you see, what do you feel, who is there with you? Make it a rich experience. Then think: what was the last step you took to get there? Write it down. Close your eyes again and experience that step, then think: what was the step you took before that one? What did you need to do to get there? What skills or resources did you need to acquire first? Continue in this way until you get back to where you are now then, armed with your plan, commit to moving forwards to that exciting future.

What’s it to be?
So, tell me – what will that first scary step be for you this week? Let me know by commenting below.